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Build a Better Relationship – Know What the Client Needs

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Part of being a successful VA is to always anticipate what the client needs. It’s vitally important to study a client and their business in order to understand how to fully support them.

I’ve personally invested myself in my client’s company; his business is my business. When he’s close to meeting a profit milestone, I challenge him to meet that goal and he responds to my challenge with enthusiasm. That’s because I know what my client needs to keep his business profitable. 


One of the things I do to ensure that I can anticipate my client’s needs is to familiarize myself with all of the products and services he offers. This knowledge allows me to offer better customer support, and help with the development of current and future products and services.


Another important part of being a great VA is keeping myself and my client highly organized. This includes communications such as emails, support tickets and appointments. Appointments can be between myself and my client, or between my client and his customers.

Organization is also important when it comes to joint ventures and affiliate programs. I not only utilize my clients’ preferred marketing system to do this; I also use shared spreadsheets and other documents to track any pertinent information.


It’s also important to fully understand any programs my client uses for his business. This includes WordPress and plugins for WordPress such as WishList; his preferred marketing programs like InfusionSoft, Mail Chimp, or Aweber; landing page systems like LeadPages or webinar programs like Evergreen Business Systems; even video management platforms such as Wistia, Vimeo, or EZ Video Suite; and any other incidental programs that come along. There’s always a new program coming out that may be useful to a client, and it’s important to stay-up to-date on the latest innovations.


There’s also something to be said for having a great relationship with one’s client. It allows for better communication, and a greater understanding of what needs to be done when the communication isn’t there. If my client is on vacation, I understand how to handle his business while he’s away.

The way to build a great relationship is to be sure listen closely, be honest in all matters, and always attempt to meet and exceed expectations. I find it very helpful to take notes during any conversations, so I can repeat them back and make sure I have interpreted instructions properly.

I’m always honest about the time used on a project, and am willing to tell my client if something comes up that may be contrary to previous plans. I treat his business as I would my own, which means I exceed not only my client’s expectations, but my own as well.

Knowing how to anticipate what my client needs has paid off in a big way. He has successfully quadrupled his monthly profits since I started working with him, and I only expect them to grow in the coming months.

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Posted on July 9th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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