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helpOne of the most common problems my clients face when they first come to CVA, is not having enough time to achieve all of their goals. That’s because so much time is spent on the “back-end” processes, not leaving enough time on the front end to make sales and actually run the business. That’s where I come in.  I make it my mission to run the back-end, day-to-day processes of the business as seamlessly as possible so my clients can “set it and forget it.” I’m a problem solver.

The key to doing this is understanding that each client’s business is unique, and taking a real interest with each and every person I work with. Let me give you an example.

I have a client who has an overwhelming wealth of knowledge, and a head full of wonderful ways to share this knowledge with his customer base. When he first came to CVA he was working the back-end setup and website maintenance on his own. So outside of one of those wonderful ideas, he simply didn’t have the time to bring any of those other concepts to fruition. Once I understood this, I stepped up to take over organizing and maintaining a smooth running process for his current work. That freed up loads of time for him to bring those other ideas to the forefront of his attention.

As a problem solver I work to ensure things like his customer service are top-notch, which gives his customers greater confidence in his business. His online order forms are kept in working order for new sales on the products he creates. And I’m even a sounding board for how to put those other great ideas in motion.

Now, he’s free to do what he loves…coach and teach!  He’s no longer stuck at his desk answering support emails, or fixing website issues. He’s traveling and holding events on a regular basis, getting out and engaging his customers, and living his dream.

Each client is important to me and I want nothing more than to help their business flourish. Each client is valued as if their business were my own. Their struggles are my struggles, and I share in the joy of their successes.

For me, it’s a priority to know each and every client as an individual, to include their preferences, their short- and long-term goals, their passions and obstacles, and their mission in all I do. I hold myself to the same standards and expectations that they set for themselves, and look at each task through the eyes of my clients.

So now the question is, how can I help you?

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Posted on July 23rd, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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