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One large company spent 300,000 hours a year preparing for and holding weekly executive committee meetings, according to research from the Harvard Business Review. Business Insider also listed work like to-do lists, PowerPoint meetings and superfluous meetings as time wasting culprits at work. While not every meeting, list or busy work can be eliminated, there are ways to cut down on these time wasters and use your time more wisely. Here’s a roundup of gadgets and tips to help maximize your time on what matters.

Use One Login

How many passwords do you use during any given day? Think about your bank accounts, software, email, project management systems and social media accounts. Plug your accounts into a site like LastPass and add your password or use the system to create a unique, secure password instead, for both your computers and mobile devices. LastPass encrypts your password, which is then decrypted locally. This means your passwords aren’t actually stored in LastPass, adding an extra layer of security. This tool also gives you the option to automatically log you into your selected accounts, further trimming down the time to type in passwords for everything you need.

Payroll Software

Intuit makes it easy for small businesses to stay organized and grow their companies. Just enter hours worked into a screen, and the system can calculate the payroll amounts on your behalf. Intuit simplifies the financial process for businesses by adding functionality to connect with Turbo Tax, Quickbooks, Quicken and Mint. Come tax time, all you need to do is import your documents and information into Turbo Tax and quickly generate your returns.

Backup Your Computer

Backup all of your files in one place and continuously sync and update files without doing a thing. Once you set up a system like Mozy, it takes care of getting all of your essential information stored and ready to retrieve if your systems ever go down. You can also access it with your mobile devices. If there’s a mishap while you’re on the road, you or your employees can easily restore specific files or everything in your Mozy storage.

Pomodoro Technique

The simplest, yet most difficult way to save time is by focusing on the task at hand and completing it as thoroughly and quickly as possible. In a world where distractions and multitasking are the norms, it’s difficult to set up a client call and answer an email without getting social media and Google alerts every time you sit down at your desk.

Use the time management method entrepreneurs swear by with the Pomodoro Technique. Though the actual technique involves a timer resembling a tomato, any timer will do. Set it for 30-minutes and focus on nothing but your task. Use a pair of headphones or turn off your phone and any other distraction if you need to. Once those 30-minutes are up, you’ll be free to indulge in a distraction.


Forget calling ahead for a company car or hailing a taxi. Get the Uber app for your phone and find qualified drivers ready to pick you up within minutes. Because your financials are already hooked-up to Uber when you sign-up, your ride is cashless and is charged to the credit card of your choice. It even allows fare splitting if you’re headed out with a friend or business partner, and makes heading out for last-minute client meetings and lunches a breeze.


Schedule all of your social media posts across your brands’ various Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus pages in one place with HootSuite. Import a spreadsheet of posts to simplify the process even more. Scheduling all of your posts, or allowing HootSuite to automatically buffer them around the best times of day, makes it easy to spend a few hours a month on social media and then let it run on autopilot. You can also create analytic reports right from the software, charts and graphs to share with your team or clients whose social media presence you’re handling.

Posted on August 21st, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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