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Does Your Business Logo Need A New Look?

Branding is important regardless of the size of your business. Your website, business cards, social media pages and signage should all reflect the image and message that you want your customers to remember. A large part of that starts with something as simple as your logo, which represents your business in almost every aspect of marketing. If your logo and other imagery are outdated, maybe it is time to give your business a branding makeover.

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Looking For An Online Backup Service?

If you do not have an online backup service or are not happy with your current provider, there are plenty of companies competing for your business. Online backup has become a big business, protecting everything from family photos to tax documentation for businesses. There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing one of these services, including their pricing structure, storage capacity and how easy their service is to use.

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Ready For A Teleseminar? – We Can Do That


When clients come to CVA they are usually in desperate need of a virtual assistant to help organize their business, help with tasks, or in this case ––launch a teleseminar. That is where I, a Type A, detail-oriented, hardworking, and driven Virtual Assistant stepped in and made a difference for my client.

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10 Ways To Maximize Your Virtual Assistant’s Talents

Most people decide to hire a Virtual Assistant for a specified task or a limited amount of time, without considering all the ways these talented people can help them in their business. You may have been looking for someone to just help with a product launch or maybe get your social media pages updated; however, now that you have a VA, there are some other ways they can be of service. Consider these 10 options on ways to utilize your VA.

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How To Increase Engagement On Social Media



Increasing your engagement on social media can be a daunting task. However if you engage with your followers, you will see increased sales, repeat customers, and receive word-of-mouth promotion! Engaging in followers on your social media tells customers that you are listening to their wants and needs.

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Staying On Top Of Website Management

Surf the web for a few hours and you will come across business websites from phenomenal to downright embarrassing. Some are easy to read and navigate, while others are have broken links and excessive verbiage, making it frustrating even to learn anything about the company’s products or services. Whether you own a brick and mortar business and only have a website because you were told you needed one or you do all your business through your website, your website needs to be managed to ensure that it is evolving with technology. If your website is falling behind the times, it may be time to invest in website management.

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