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How To Increase Engagement On Social Media



Increasing your engagement on social media can be a daunting task. However if you engage with your followers, you will see increased sales, repeat customers, and receive word-of-mouth promotion! Engaging in followers on your social media tells customers that you are listening to their wants and needs.

There is no “one size fits all” on how to increase engagement on social media, each company and client have different needs. However, here are ten key strategies to ensure better engagement.

#1 Attract your Readers Attention:

Just a title isn’t good enough anymore, you need a call to action! When updating your social media posts, include a question or a statement that refers to an article you wrote or your website. This will increase the amount of clicks, since the viewer will have to read the article or information to answer any questions they might have. Or, you can ask them to like, follow, pin it, etc.

#2 Sharing:

Have your readers share their feelings or thoughts about your products and services. Make sure to comment on their feedback. This will really show your customers you’re paying attention!

#3 Be Consistent:

Post at least five times a week. Frequent posts will keep your business in their feeds, and will get you more followers. However, posting too often can  have the opposite effect. Getting the right balance increases your engagement, and your return on investment.

#4 Timing:

The best time of day to post is depends on your business. Finding the right time is a trial and error process. But once you figure out when your followers are commenting/retweeting/liking your posts, you’ve found the best time of day for your intended audience.

#5 Using Images/Video:

Ensure your images are interesting to your followers and potential followers. Alternate between images and videos throughout the week. Share images of your products, or photos of your readers sharing your products.

#6 Keep Them Short:

Keep your posts short and simple! You’ll lose a follower’s attention when your posts are too long. Keep them to roughly 150 characters or less.

#7 Check out what your competitors are doing:

Review your competitors’ posts and comments to see what’s working for them. Then take those ideas and come up with your own strategies.

#8 Survey Your Audience:

Learn more about your followers’ likes and dislikes to target your audience better. Facebook has a great tool for this called “Page Insights.” Check it regularly so you can understand what’s working and what’s not.

#9 Be Seasonable:

A new season is fast approaching and you’ll want to gear your posts more towards the fall and/or holidays. But make sure you’re staying current, don’t start posting about Halloween in September, or Christmas in October!

#10 Vary your Presence Online:

Your preference for audience engagement may be Twitter or Linked-In, but your readers may like Facebook or Pinterest. By adding variety to your online efforts, you’ll receive a higher level of engagement. Increasing the social media markets and platforms where your clients can reach you will also show them you care about what they want and like.

Social Media should be the #1 priority for a successful business, just like traditional marketing and advertising.

If you haven’t already done so, please contact a CVA Virtual Assistant. They can help you draw up an engaging and detailed social media plan geared specifically to your business. Social Media Packages are also available for those who don’t feel they need a long term Virtual Assistant. Please check out our packages specifically designed for your social media needs.

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Posted on September 17th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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