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When clients come to CVA they are usually in desperate need of a virtual assistant to help organize their business, help with tasks, or in this case ––launch a teleseminar. That is where I, a Type A, detail-oriented, hardworking, and driven Virtual Assistant stepped in and made a difference for my client.

The client had exactly one month to launch her teleseminar. In that month, I needed to build her website complete with sales pages; set up her shopping cart and create products; create an affiliate pack and reach out to possible affiliates; create autoresponders and email follow ups; and lastly, set up the teleseminar program.

In our first meeting, I assured the client we could do this but it would take hard work and constant communication with her. I needed to be able to submit things to her and get feedback daily so that we could make steady progress. This arrangement gave her oversight of the entire project, which helped with her comfort levels. And I was able to get to know her “voice” in order to write promotional emails, affiliate packages, and follow up emails for after the teleseminar.

The first phase was creating a sales page and making sure her opt-ins worked correctly. In that way, we could start to promote and get the word out to her target audience and possible affiliates.

Next, was creating an affiliate program with not only a welcome email to all possible affiliates, but three promotional emails, and possible social media posts.  I also included instructions on how to sign up to be an affiliate and gave my email address for follow up.  This allowed my client to stay clear of the mundane details and instead work on things I cannot do (like create content for the teleseminar!!)

None of the tasks that my client gave me were difficult for a seasoned virtual assistant. And she quickly learned that:

1. Tasks would be completed on time and above standard.

2. That she did not need to worry about small items. And,

3. That employing a virtual assistant freed her up to create her teleseminar, and to plan her wedding,

Oh, did I mention she was getting married the week after her teleseminar?

In this single month, my client and I were able to build a strong and trusting relationship.  We learned each other’s best working styles, and how to effectively communicate with one another.  As a counselor, my client is huge on the relationship with one another aspect.

And as it turned out not only do we work well together, we have similar temperaments and make a very successful team. Almost a year later, the client is very happy and we work together like a well-oiled machine.

Photo credit: Celine Walker

Posted on September 24th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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