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Your team might be spread out across the globe or you may have realized that working remotely boosts productivity, but either way you will need the latest technology to run your business. Various technologies have allowed for marketers to communicate effectively with their team through file sharing, management apps and, of course, smartphones and tablets. Here are some tools to help your marketing team operate smoothly from anywhere.

Advanced Note Sharing

Tablets like the Galaxy Note allow your team to have access to the Internet and all of your tools remotely. The Note features the S Pen, which enables you to take handwritten notes, draw designs and blueprints and brainstorm like you would on a pad of paper or whiteboard. Your team can send these notes and drawings to each other so everyone is on the same page.

Software tools and apps like Evernote and OneNote allow marketers to share data, files, notes and photos seamlessly. Evernote has the ability to collect online articles, handwritten notes and photos in one place that then can be searched for. OneNote has similar features in that it can save websites, send emails and take photos. Additionally, Google Drive and Dropbox are great platforms for uploading and sharing files within teams; however, they don’t have the handwriting capabilities that the other two have.

Improve Communication and Flow Between Sales and Marketing

Your startup might have grown to include a sales team, but you are worried about problems arising between your sales teams. These problems range from the quality of the leads created by marketers to sales quota mismanagement. Align your teams by utilizing technology to create a seamless, effective relationship.

For example, Hubspot provides you with a managed database. Marketers have a platform to track all of their campaigns ranging from the effectiveness of target keywords to the effectiveness of their latest Facebook campaign. This allows marketing teams to test campaigns and see which strategies provide the sales team with the best leads. Then, together the teams can analyze data and see which leads truly generate the most business. The software also enables you to see every touchpoint between your business and a lead as well as integrate with Salesforce and GoToWebinar.

Manage Your Team From Afar

Making your team stay focused and complete goals could prove to be a daunting task. Thankfully, there are multitudes of project management apps to ensure your team is completing everything in a timely manner.

Basecamp is one of the best project management apps you can use. The collaborative software allows you to set tasks for certain members, which can be viewed by your whole team so everyone knows who is working on what and everyone can be held accountable. Furthermore, you can share files and create a space where team members can discuss anything related to the project.

Remote collaboration will become a necessity as we move from the typical 8-hour workday to telecommunication. The ability to work from home may be a drawing point for attracting the best talent all over the world, and with the tools listed above as well as a bevy of many others, not only will your marketing efforts improve but so will the success of your entire company.

Posted on October 1st, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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