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How Closely are You Monitoring Your Marketing Data?

As a business owner, you undoubtedly understand the importance of analyzing data to make the best decisions for your business. Numbers reflect the revenue you generate, your business expenses and the overall bottom line. Marketing is also all about numbers and data; with the advanced technology available today, it is easier than ever to track exactly which marketing methods are producing results and which are not. The question is, have you been watching these numbers as closely as you should?

Changes in Marketing Effectiveness

It is easy to become complacent when it comes to analyzing your marketing data. There are so many others areas of your business that need your constant attention which may seem more pressing, especially if the marketing you are doing seems to be working. However, without looking at the actual numbers, you may be spending money in areas that are no longer effective.

Marketing through traditional advertising plus social media, SEO efforts and digital strategies can be overwhelming to manage on your own. What has worked in the past, even just a year ago, may not be getting the same results. Consumer behavior is changing quickly as the technology available changes. Only by continuously monitoring your marketing data can you know when it is time to make changes to your strategy. For example, are you monitoring:

  • Website traffic. How many new customers visited your site last month? How many were repeat visitors? Keeping on top of your SEO and online traffic is essential to growing your online customer base.
  • Social media. Which platforms are performing the best for your business? Is it time to add new venues or bolster existing profiles?
  • Lead generation. Which marketing is producing the most leads at the best price per lead? Which campaign has the highest lead to sale conversion?
  • Digital ads. How are your pay-per-clicks ads performing? Which banners on which sites are getting the most click-throughs to your website?

Harness the Talents of Your VA

Your Virtual Assistant is the answer to the problem of monitoring your data. What you need is an extra pair of eyes that understand the data and can offer marketing solutions. Stop trying to do everything on your own and use your talented VA to oversee your marketing campaigns to ensure they are getting the results that you need to grow your business.

photo credit: justgrimes

Posted on October 30th, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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