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Customer Service Tips for Your Small Business

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A good customer service team is important to any small business, whether you handle your customer service yourself, or if you depend on an assistant or a small team to manage it for you. Either approach, managing customers is vital to your business’s continued success. The best sales person can sell a product or even themselves to anyone, but it takes a great customer service approach to retain that customer. By working with a virtual assistant, you can make your customer service personal and worry free.

CVA’s Top 5 Customer Service Tips for Small Business Owner

  • Listen: Listen to your customers. During the sales process and beyond, listen to what they want and desire. When you can tailor your service or product to their needs, they will continue to stay loyal to you. The most common reason a customer cancels a service is that it’s no longer neccesary. Listen and learn what your customer requirements are, so you can continue to meet those needs.
  • Plan: Plan for possible customer service issues you might face. Do you ship products? Plan for shipping issues out of your control and have a method in place to satisfy your customers when issues arise. Online companies are at the mercy of the technology they use. When a planned teleconference isn’t working correctly, have a backup communication method in place to correspond with your customers  even if it’s simply delaying the original task. Acknowledging the issue and communicating with your customers will go far.
  • Communicate: Communicate and engage your customers in your business with newsletters, forums, blog posts and more. Keep them updated on new products, and don’t only contact them when it’s time to bill or sell a new item. Perform routine customer service surveys, call various customers for a one-on-one chat and get their feedback. Taking time to reach out to your customers shows them how valuable they are to you and your business.
  • Train your Team: Take the time to invest in your team. When you are investing in your team or staff, you are investing in your business. Armed with your special knowledge, your VA and other staff can act on your behalf, resolving routine customer service issues. By investing in your staff, they have the power to make those small customer service decisions so your customers never have to hear, “I don’t know. We’ll have to get back to you.”
  • Have the right tools: It’s important to have the right customer service staff, but it’s equally important to have the tools to help your staff work effectively and efficiently. Invest in a customer service program that fits the needs of your business and streamlines the department. That makes it easy to track issues so a customer never falls through the cracks in a lost email. Some popular customer service programs that are great for an online business are: Zendesk, Fusedesk,, Freshservice, UserReport, TeamScout, GoTo Assist.

Great customer service will keep your customers coming back for more. CVA is here to help provide the foundation for this great customer experience with Virtual Assistant support. You can work with your VA to simply handle customer service issues, or to fully operate and run your customer service department.  While CVA strives to provide you excellent customer service, we strive to do the same for your customers too!

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Posted on October 15th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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