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Great Customer Service – It’s The Little Things That Count

helpYou will often hear business people say that their clients are hard to please. While it may be a fact that you can’t please everyone, no matter what you do, great customer service practices can get you closer to that goal. First, remember people become clients because they have a problem to be solved. Here at CVA, we’re in the business of solving the client’s problems. We put ourselves in your shoes, and understand that sometimes it’s the simple things we do that go a long way. I recently experienced this very fact with a long time client.

Our relationship began when I became project manager for the support desk. The client is a personal coach who purchases prepaid time from the company. She asked many things of me, but most of her tickets were for support with technical issues because she was not very technically inclined. Some things were done with ease, some with difficulty, and some could not be done, but each time there was always one thing each ticket had in common and that was the conclusion.

Through the years the client’s ticket requests covered a wide variety of tasks from help with setting up products, merchant accounts, webpages, and creating banners, to help and guidance on technical issues with 1ShoppingCart and/or WordPress; or, sometimes, just general advice. At the end of each ticket request not only did I resolve the issue, I also explained to her in plain English why she was having the issue, how I resolved it, and how she could resolve and/or avoid it in the future. If needed, I’d also create videos to give the client visuals along with the written instructions.

The client was very appreciative because I not only resolved the issue, but also explained how to deal with any future occurrence. She always came away with a greater understanding and often learned some thing new.

Because of the work I did on her ticket requests the client has since been able to boost her website, and boost her sales. She has also become more self-sufficient and more knowledgeable about technical issues. It really has increased her self-confidence.

My clients value the fact that I get their tasks done quickly, correctly, and efficiently. But the extra added value is where it counts, the simple things that go above and beyond the original request.

Here at CVA we love to help our clients, but we love adding extra value to their experience with the team even more. With each service we offer we position ourselves to not only service our clients, but to give them so much more.

So join us here at CVA, get your tasks done, enjoy some extra value, and let our great customer service amaze you!

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Posted on October 29th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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