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How to Organize, Prioritize and Delegate


“The bottom line is, when people are crystal clear about the most important priorities of the organization and team they work with and prioritized their work around those top priorities, not only are they many times more productive, they discover they have the time they need to have a whole life.” Stephen Covey

When I first begin to work with any client, my initial question always is, “What is your goal?” This is important because I use that goal to organize and prioritize tasks. I want my client’s business to thrive, grow and evolve into the business of his or her dreams. So I go in with idea of freeing them to live that dream, by helping solve their problems. With one client in particular, the biggest problem was organization, creating priorities, and delegation of tasks. She spent so much time on her business, she had no time for herself.

First, we needed to organize all of the tasks that she needed to have done to keep things running smoothly. So I asked her to keep a log of what she did for two to three days and send it to me. This allowed me to see where all her time was going, and what I could easily take off her plate. The next item in organizing her business was to set up a task management system to track progress and easily see accomplishments.

Second, we took her nearly 100 tasks, and prioritized what needed to be accomplished and when. This is where knowing the client’s goal became becomes critical. Sometimes an owner is too close to the business, and can’t see the easier path to accomplishing goals. On the other hand, I’m able to look at the big picture and piece the tasks puzzle together in a way that makes sense.

The third and most difficult step…delegation! It can really be difficult to delegate items to others you may feel do not care as much. For this client I needed to not only showcase my skills, but to also gain her trust.

So I took her lists of tasks and accomplished many of them in one day, exactly as she required. I took her criticism constructively and did whatever she needed. Soon we were working together efficiently and productively. When she felt like she couldn’t delegate tasks, I would remind her that I can’t create her content or build her business. Only she was able to do the things that required her skills. But there were a lot of tasks she was holding on to that I could do, and do well. And by letting me do those things, she was able to do what she was best at –– running her business.

After just a few short weeks, we became a great team. We were able to be honest and open, and worked very well together. By creating an atmosphere where my client was comfortable enough to allow me to organize, prioritize and take over her tasks, we were able to move forward, create sales and free up some much needed personal time, so she could live a whole life.

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Posted on October 15th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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