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Is It Time To Do A Content Audit On Your Website?

We have all heard that content is key when it comes to SEO. Although algorithms come and go, keeping content fresh and relevant is always important to rankings on search engines. A true content audit digs into your website, ensuring that all the right information is there, and tools are working as they should. Even if you are not tech savvy, there are some tasks you can perform to audit the actual content that is currently on your website.

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4 Rules for a Successful Product Launch

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One of the many talents our Virtual Assistants have at CVA is helping our clients prepare and create a successful product launch campaign that inspires and grows their business. Using the right formula determines the success of any launch, and here at CVA we encourage and implement the best strategies to ensure that success.

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Communicating Effectively With Your VA

Having a dedicated Virtual Assistant can save you time and money, allowing you to focus your expertise on your business. However, small inconsistencies in communication can reduce your VA’s ability to be as efficient as possible. The trick is to pass on what you need done to your VA in a way that is concise and complete, leaving both of you more time to get on with your day. Here are a few tips on communicating with your VA in way that allows them to get the most work done for your money.

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Business Collaboration Tools for Better Communication


Your team might be spread out across the globe or you may have realized that working remotely boosts productivity, but either way you will need the latest technology to run your business. Various technologies have allowed for marketers to communicate effectively with their team through file sharing, management apps and, of course, smartphones and tablets. Here are some tools to help your marketing team operate smoothly from anywhere.

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