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4 Rules for a Successful Product Launch

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One of the many talents our Virtual Assistants have at CVA is helping our clients prepare and create a successful product launch campaign that inspires and grows their business. Using the right formula determines the success of any launch, and here at CVA we encourage and implement the best strategies to ensure that success.

#1 Before building out the launch campaign

  • Determine and finalize any free gifts – If you are giving away a free gift in the launch, make sure all the details of the free gift are finalized before creating the launch. This includes the branding, images, content and changes.
  • Know your end goal of any launch –  Determine the end result you want for the launch. Any and all products and price points you want included in the upsell should be clearly outlined before the launch begins.
  • Visually draw out your launch like a timeline –  Make a visual campaign launch map starting with the optin page and going all the way to the final upsell email. Mark the start date and end date of the campaign, plus the dates of all emails you plan to send throughout the launch.
  • Create all email copies  – The most important, and most overlooked, aspect of any campaign is having all the copy written for each and every email to be included before the launch starts. Most campaign launch products, such as Infusionsoft, discourage adding any new material to a campaign that has already begun. Once the campaign has started, it is recommended that any emails left out of the campaign be sent separately. When a campaign is not created to work at its full potential, it becomes difficult to gauge its success.
  • Time – Give yourself and your VA enough time to create the campaign before the launch begins.

#2 Building the Launch Campaign

Building out a launch campaign is pretty straightforward once you have completed all the steps above. The build process is the time to catch any mistakes, make any changes, and testing to verify the campaign is working properly.

#3 During the Launch

When a campaign is properly set up before the launch, it will work efficiently without much guidance or interference. You can spend the time monitoring the success of the campaign, locate any potential pain points, improvement areas, and any components that are working effectively. The time spent on this step is crucial for understanding the outcome of your current launch, and for understanding the need for adjustments the next time you have a launch. This process allows you to find your winning formula.

#4 After the Launch

After the launch, the campaign is still useful. It can be copied and modified as needed from the data you gathered during the run of the launch. Duplicating a campaign and making necessary changes for the next launch cuts down on time spent creating a whole new campaign.

Photo Credit: Escape from Cubicle Nation

Posted on October 8th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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