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Is It Time To Do A Content Audit On Your Website?

We have all heard that content is key when it comes to SEO. Although algorithms come and go, keeping content fresh and relevant is always important to rankings on search engines. A true content audit digs into your website, ensuring that all the right information is there, and tools are working as they should. Even if you are not tech savvy, there are some tasks you can perform to audit the actual content that is currently on your website.

Purpose Of A Content Audit

Although improving SEO is the main purpose of most content audits, it is not the only reason to take the time to go through your website. If you website is several years old, there may be some data that is outdated or inaccurate, reflecting poorly on your business. Some factors to look for when auditing your website include:

  • Outdated material. Are there paragraphs or pages that discuss old products or services that are no longer used? Check small details such as on your “About Us” page if it says how many years you have been in business.
  • Overlapping topics. Often new content is added on to the site instead of replacing existing information. Look for redundancy in topics and consolidate these pages.
  • Irrelevant content. Is there information that is no longer useful or maybe just not needed?
  • Poor keyword usage. Over-stuffing keywords was very popular in SEO a few years ago. Look for obvious over usage of keywords and trim out some of the excess, as well as look for poor or under used keywords.
  • Pages that need editing/rewriting. Looking at your content with fresh eyes may help you identify pages that do not flow well or are written poorly. Tag these pages to be rewritten.

Another aspect to check while auditing your content is testing all your internal and external links. Are they working correctly? Try to look at your website through a customer’s eyes and see how your website is viewed.

Cleaning up your content on your website can help increase SEO and improve your rankings. However, you will also want to have your website audited more in depth for coding, keywords and other data that is important to SEO. Your Virtual Assistant can help you with many aspects of your content audit, or even do it for you if you do not have the time.

photo credit: Benson Kua

Posted on October 13th, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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