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5 Ways to Boost the Morale of Your Sales Team


Just a short time ago, your company was riding the high waves of success and your sales team was on fire. However, the momentum has shifted and sales are sluggish, to say the least.

Before you start searching for quick fixes, it’s important to take a moment to assess the situation to get to the root of the problem. A few questions to ponder:

  • Are there reasonable goals in place?
  • What tactics or incentives do you use to motivate the team?
  • Are resources available to those who are struggling?
  • Are the methods employed feasible, considering the skill sets of your employees?

Also, keep in mind the best way to grasp the perspective of your staff is by maintaining an open line of communication so they can solicit their feedback without fear of retaliation.

Once you’ve gotten the troubleshooting out of the way, here are some possible solutions to help light a fire under your sales team:

Morning Meetings

These brief meetings should take place at the start of each workday. But avoid bringing the same items to the table morning after morning or employees will quickly tune out. Instead, consider a monthly theme and share a video or interesting infographic to lighten up the mood while the coffee sinks in. This should grasp their attention. Be sure to touch on the goals for the day or week and highlight what is working using real world examples, preferably from staff members in the room. The latter is a subliminal way to throw in a little unexpected praise.

Useful Resources

Setting goals for each of your team members can be an arduous task, especially if there are a large number of individuals to account for. And that’s where CRM analytic software programs come in. InsightSquared is definitely an option worth considering since it takes the hassle out of the goal-setting process. The software is equipped with historical and future sales forecasting capabilities, the latter based on current prospects. It also has performance tracking features and employee scorecards, which are updated in real-time, so you won’t ever have to guess where your employees stand. Plus the results indicate what methods work best to seal the deal.

Public Recognition

Outside of the praise given at morning meetings, visual reminders that highlight exceptional performance should also be implemented. Sales representatives like to know they are appreciated, so what better way to do so than by letting the world know via thermometers that go from cold to hot or visual noise makers each time they reach an important milestone or make a sale.

Tiered Reward System

Standard commission structures become trite after some time and can result in curbed motivation. But a tiered reward system that rewards exceptional performance gives employees the sense that they control their earnings—the harder they work, the greater the payoff.

Switch things up with a sales contest on occasion, perhaps for the holiday months when sales are typically through the roof or when a new product or service is launched. Also, consider rewarding those who excel in those tougher areas, such as cold calling.

Training Materials

Regardless of the industry you’re in, continuing education is paramount for survival. Some will get automatically get it and some won’t. It’s up to you to bridge the gap. Throwing in the towel won’t cut it and you run the risk of passing up a phenomenal sales representative who just needs a little fine tuning to perform at the optimal level or even exceed your expectations. One-on-one coaching coupled with written material containing your industry’s best practices are ideal. Also, consider having facilitators come in to impart nuggets of wisdom and provide a fresh prospective.

Posted on November 28th, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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