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Ideas into Action: Be Proactive


As a virtual assistant, it’s a privilege to be able to work with business owners to ensure that their ideas are brought to life. It’s also important to be proactive; this means always being on the lookout for anything new and better that will make my clients more successful. It also means that I’m proactive in not only fulfilling, but anticipating my clients’ needs.

The first thing I do for my clients is ask about their communication preferences, their needs, and their goals. In this way, I establish a foundation for building our working relationship. One particular client I have is a career coach. This is a highly specialized niche that can require a specialized marketing, social media, and appearance strategy. Having been through training for all of these disciplines, I was able to offer her a preliminary plan to get the ball rolling.

Once the steps were established, the work on getting the client’s name out into the world began. Using some of the best Facebook marketing information available, I analyzed trends on the client’s Facebook page to see what posts were most popular, and what times showed the most activity from the community. Then I created blog posts on the most popular topics and scheduled them to hit when they were most likely to be read. In the space of a week, my client’s Facebook page went from 200 likes to over 1,000! Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn interaction also increased exponentially. The client’s email list has since increased by over 300%.

Next, I gave her established website an overhaul. All pages and blog posts got a new, modern look, and I added the necessary plugins to increase interaction with the community. The opt-in box was placed in an ideal location to help with list building, and I added several pages to help gather affiliates and joint venture partners to create additional streams of revenue.

By removing unnecessary marketing programs, paid affiliate and joint venture accounts, and unneeded shopping cart/CRM programs, I significantly reduced the client’s monthly overhead expenses. Now, she saves several hundred dollars a month because of my research and proactivity.

My client is very pleased with all of these innovations. If she comes to me with an idea or a need, I make it happen in a timely manner. I do this because I treat my clients’ businesses as if they were my own. I protect and nurture their business as well as my relationship with them. Our clients deserve only our best, and that’s what they get when they come to us.

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Posted on November 12th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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