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As a Dedicated Virtual Assistant and Team Leader at CVA, I often hear that clients want to figure out that one missing piece that keeps them from the success they see for themselves. Well I’m here to give you the magic key to unlock the success puzzle.  Three simple words that will change the way you run your business forever.  Those three words are, “I need help.”

Many people, especially go-getters, leaders, and independent entrepreneurs, don’t see this an a viable option.  There’s a misconception that to be successful you can’t ask for help.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Asking for help is crucial to free up the time and energy our clients need to “be” their business instead of “running” their business.  This unlocks an endless sea of opportunity –– the sky is the limit!

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with one particular client for going on three years now.  During our first call, he told me of his dreams of where he wanted his business to go over the next few months, one year, and even 10 years.  He had a vision and a rough idea of how he could get there, but there was no solid plan laid out. Why?  Well, he realized he was only one person and his dreams were too big to get there on his own.

We spoke several more times over the course of the first month and, little by little, he started to accept my help and believe that I was there to support his dreams. And I had the entire CVA Team behind us, helping with a small research task here and there so that he could make an informed decision about what software to buy; creating a bit of social media content so that he could have an active presence while out making business deals; or, organizing daily to do’s into a checklist so he could focus on brainstorming a new product.

Over the years I’ve developed a vested interest in his business and, most importantly, his success.  Each task I was able to handle for him, freed up a few more moments to create a breakthrough.  I was able to see the small puzzle pieces of his large picture, and work with him instead of for him to help achieve great things.  Now, he often says I know him better than he knows himself.  And while I do feel I know him very well, it’s only because he took that initial step and said, “I need help,” and let me into his dream.

Now, I oversee large-scale systems like customer support to thousands of new customers, maintain a dynamic website, create systems for new products and courses, and of course, I’m there to cheer and smile at each new achievement!


Posted on November 26th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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