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Tis’ the Season to Thank Your Customers

As 2014 draws closer to its end, it is an excellent time to turn your attention to your clients. In good years and bad, your customers are the reason your business stays afloat. The holiday season and close of the year is the perfect time to say thank you to these loyal patrons that have been an important part of your business this year.

Customer Thank You Ideas

Sincere appreciation is rare in business, making it all the more valuable when you give it to your customers. Even something as simple as a holiday card with a note of thank you to your customers can set you apart from your competition and create good will with your client base. Although offering an unsolicited thank you is an extra expense, it is also a smart investment to retain your customers.

Many companies will have what they refer to as “customer appreciation sales.” Unfortunately, these sales just come across as another way to get customers to buy more on a certain day, instead of a sincere thank you. Instead, why not send out a holiday thank you card with a personalized gift, such as:

  • A small gift card that they can use whenever they prefer
  • A deep discount such as a BOGO or substantial percentage off their next purchase
  • A voucher for a free item or service

The idea is to give them an actual gift to say thank you, not to only promote a new sale. Consider it an investment in securing the loyalty of these customers for next year, a smart marketing gesture. The gift will be appreciated and will go a long way to making them a loyal customer.

Need Help Saying Thank You? Your VA Can Help!

There is not much time before the end of the year, so you may need a little help with your customer thank you efforts. Your Virtual Assistant is ready to help. Have your VA compile your customer list, whether it is physical addresses or an email list. Your VA can help you with creating the gift for your customers, including creating a digital thank you note, vouchers, promotional codes and any other tasks. Delegate the project to your VA to ensure that by the end of the year, all your customers receive a thank you card or gift that shows your appreciation for their business.

photo credit: Martin Cathrae

Posted on November 17th, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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