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Two Essentials for Promoting Your Business



When you’re a business coach, there are a lot things you need to do to get your name and brand out into the world. Two of these are what I consider essential for promoting your business – blogging and teleseminars.

When I first began working with my business coach client, he was just creating his first teleseminar. He understood this was a crucial step in getting people interested in his core values and the insight he offered with his coaching activities. He just needed some extra help and a push to get things rolling. I helped him set up everything he needed in Instant Teleseminar, then promoted the teleseminar on social media. When the teleseminar was complete, I compiled the material into a PDF. We then made it, along with the audio from the teleseminar, available for download on his website.

Our next focus was setting up his blog. I stressed to him that regular blogging, at least weekly, was crucial for getting his message out into the world. At the time, he was using a platform for his website that did not have blogging capabilities. This required me to work with his platform’s technical support to get the blog integrated with his website. I designed the blog on a major blogging platform and then provided his website’s tech support with the details for integration. After the integration was complete, I then designed the look of the blog to match the overall look of his website. The client was very pleased with the outcome.

Our efforts resulted in a huge opportunity for my client. He was approached to contribute a chapter to an upcoming book, co-authored by a major, well-known business and life coach. With the book due for release soon, he was also given a brand new website in conjunction with his work on the book. He’s now well on his way to becoming a known voice in the business and life coaching world.

My client recognized what needed to be done to get his message out, and he had confidence that I could help him do it. Due to our promotional work on his teleseminar and blog, my client was able to get to the next level and receive an amazing opportunity for his business. Now he’s able to reach a wider audience and his message will help many people around the world.

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Posted on December 10th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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