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Creating a Great Self-Service Experience



Nothing can be more important to any business than customer service. Landing clients, closing sales, and marketing to new customers pales in comparison to giving your existing clients a great experience. They will not only return and be repeat customers, but they also will market for you!

It’s important to create a customer service atmosphere that is tailored to all your clients, with various outlets to gain information and assistance. Offering a self-service experience will allow your clients to help themselves, even in your team’s absence.

In other words, helping customers self-serve is an important customer satisfaction issue!

So, what exactly is self-service customer service?

Self-service is not just your Held Desk or Client Center. It’s an entire experience, plus all the content you make available so your clients can find information on their own. The top tools to help you offer a great self-service experience are:


Offering a FAQ area will decrease the number of repeat questions you get. You can work with your current support staff to develop a great FAQ area.

Community forums (such as Question & Answer forums):

Forums allow your customer to help each other, as well as access to your support staff. These can be a members only area, or a public arena such as Facebook.


How-to Videos provide the step-by-step visual guidance that some customers are looking for.


Offering a manual to your customers gives them a document they can study and use offline as well.

Why should you provide a self-service experience? It saves your customers time, and it saves you money! When customers can help themselves at any time, regardless of your business hours, they are reducing the service load on your support team, and bringing down the cost of service overall.

So how can you create a great self-service experience for your customers?

Four Tips to Great Success!

1.  Kick Up Your Social Media Experience

How you respond to your current customers influences how they view your company. There is no reason you should not be social media savvy and on top of post-formative responses.

As a business owner, you should ensure you are always promoting your company with sales and other discounts on social media.  Provide interaction to your customers by answering questions through Twitter and Facebook. These forums are just an additional avenue for getting answers outside of your website. Offer a friendly tone on these platforms.

2.  Review Your Knowledge Base Articles and FAQ Areas.

Review every knowledge base article for current content, and set an expiration date for each article. Use a calendar system similar to a blogging calendar to ensure your articles are always up-to-date with fresh information. Products change and your customers’ needs change as well. Review your inquiries to evaluate if new or added questions are needed in your FAQ area.

By placing an expiration date on articles, your support team is constantly encouraged to make the needed updates.

3.  Create Forums

Social interaction is important in today’s world. You have the power to connect your customers with one another from around the globe. They enjoy chatting with each other, especially about customer service and the products they buy. Offer a place where they can share and hear the opinions of others without having to go through too much hassle. Have a support staff moderator to ensure you’re always in control of the content in case any topics get out of hand.

4.  Optimize Your Support Center for All Devices

According to EchoResearch, 50 percent of smartphone users would prefer to use a mobile customer service app to try to resolve their customer service issue, before calling a contact center. Provide a consistent multichannel experience and allow customers to solve their problems using the tools they choose.

Providing a self-service experience for your customers will save you money, while saving your customers time and hassles. Talk with your Virtual Assistant about ways to incorporate your current customer service techniques with a more automated approach. CVA’s VA staff and our Client Advocate Team is here to support you in these great business changes!

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Posted on December 17th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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