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Juice Up Your Squeeze Page!

For gathering prospective customer data, very few tools work as well as squeeze pages. Once you have enticed a consumer to click over to your website, the goal of a squeeze page is to gather as much information as possible from that customer before they move on. This method has built thousands of email lists for businesses, helping them target an audience in marketing campaigns that will lead to new business. However, for this to be effective, you need a squeeze page that grabs the customer’s attention.

Elements of an Effective Squeeze Page

Although there are certainly different opinions on the best methods for creating squeeze pages that get results, there are certain elements that seem to be consistently effective. Once you’ve invested in the marketing to get the prospective customer to your site, your squeeze page needs to inspire them to go one step further and give you some information. Some elements that can facilitate this include:

  • Free offer. What brings most people to a squeeze page is the enticement of a free offer. Whether it is a free e-book, white paper or discount, do not hide your offer. Give them what they were promised before they click that back button.
  • Simplicity. Do not try to sell them on your product or service at this juncture. Keep your text simple and to the point. Too much information can work against you on a squeeze page. Make the sign up form easy to use, without taking up too much of their time to fill out.
  • Create urgency. You want to create urgency to ensure that the customer will sign up today for the free offer, not leave with the intention of coming back at another time. Set time limitations to the offer and stick to them.

Ultimately a squeeze page will gather the needed information for you to continue building a relationship with potential customers. Gaining their name, email address and other marketing information is valuable for building your marketing list, leading to higher sales and revenue. Our Development & Design team can help you create squeeze pages that get the results you need to grow your lead list. Then with this information, your Virtual Assistant can also help you implement and manage an effective email marketing campaign to turn those leads into sales.

photo credit: caligula1995

Posted on December 23rd, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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