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Solve Your Staffing Issues with a VA


One of the hardest areas to manage in a small business is staffing. Most small businesses do not have the bandwidth to have enough employees to cover staffing issues that occasionally can happen. Whether it is losing an employee unexpectedly or needing more staff to cover a busy week, there are times when as a small business owner, you need a little extra help. That is when having a VA is the perfect solution!

VA Staffing Solutions

Our Virtual Assistants are used by many companies on a regular basis to do many different tasks. However, one of the most valuable aspects of our VAs is their ability to jump in and help when our clients having a staffing problem. Due to their versatility, there are many tasks that they can take on when one of these situations hits your business:

  • Unexpected staffing loss. Whether it is a temporary or permanent loss of an employee, when it happens unexpectedly, it can send your business into a tailspin. Let a VA come in on the fly and take over some tasks until you can find a replacement.
  • Vacation or sick leave. It happens all the time. You are running lean with one person on vacation, then one or more other employees need time off for illness or a personal emergency. This is a perfect time to call us and get some help during those stressful times.
  • Busy times. Whether you have a normal busy season or an event has created an unexpected increase in business, there are times when you need more staff to handle these busy times. Instead of hiring employees for those short periods, save yourself the tax and paperwork headache and use a VA to help get through the upswing in business.
  • Downsizing. Sometimes it is necessary to downsize. Yet you cannot expect you or your employees to handle all the extra work. Use a VA to cover some of these tasks, while still saving money over having a full-time employee.
  • New or growing businesses. Sometimes it is not replacing an employee that is the issue. If you own a business without employees, yet are considering adding one or more, try a VA first. A VA can help without you needing to worry about adding employee insurance or payroll costs. It is a great way to cover the transition into eventually becoming an employer.

Our VA’s can help you with a wide variety of tasks, including marketing, customer service, administrative duties and many other jobs. Next time you are having a staffing issue, let us show you how effective using a VA can be to cover those problems and ensure that your business continues to run smoothly.

photo credit: tec_estromberg

Posted on December 29th, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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