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Time Management – A Gift of Time


Working with a new client, is much like going on a first date. It can be awkward, nerve-wracking and leave you constantly wondering if you are saying or doing the right thing. I’ve learned that the first meeting with a client requires a lot of listening to what they’re not saying, in addition to what they are.

My new client was a salesman with an entire state as his territory. He literally had  a lot of ground to cover, but was wasting time stuck in the office doing administrative work. I was able to gain his trust quickly by listening and implementing new systems and programs for time management to help him move forward. During our initial meeting, I asked what he wanted to get out of having a Virtual Assistant, what were his goals for his job, and how we could best work together. By simply asking these three questions, we were able to start working towards a clear and concise goal.

First, we organized his clients by region and mapped out new sales routes so he could maximize his time, and see more than two or three clients each day. By using a map and highlighting all of the cities where he had existing clients, I was able to identify prospects and add them to his routes. Also, I was able to visually see where his clients were and map out routes that would have him home each night, yet make him more productive than he’d ever been before.

He’s now able to take off every Friday and still see all of his clients in just two weeks, versus the month it was taking before I came onboard. This client places a high priority on his family and family time. By adjusting his schedule with a mind to what’s important to him, I’ve been able to schedule him in the most effective way possible. Imagine taking off every Friday, yet still making the sales and commissions you want to make. He’s now able to both dedicate time to his family and dedicate time to his work, without feeling like either is getting second best.

The key for this client was to organize a flexible schedule with something for the client to do daily. During my time with him, we’ve also been able to implement a new layout for his newsletter; past due invoice reminders now go out to his clients; plus, schedule layouts and reminders are done daily, along with bonus tracking. In just 20 hours a month I’ve been able to eliminate his need for an office day, given him back time with his family, and made his time on the road with clients more productive.

So while that first meeting with a client might be awkward, it’s often in listening to what they don’t say that you learn the most. As virtual assistants we are asked to wear many hats and take on many roles. The key is finding the role the client needs and then exceeding their expectations at every possible opportunity.

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Posted on December 24th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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