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Adapting to Unique Challenges – One VA’s Story




Many different types of clients come to CVA for many different reasons. Some know the ins and outs of their business and could do the job of a VA with their eyes shut; they just don’t have the time or desire to. While others, on the other hand, struggle with simply organizing day-to-day emails. Adjusting to the unique challenges of each client is something all VAs become accustomed to. But occasionally, there comes along that very special client who can throw you for a loop every time. 

I was privileged to get to work with this fabulous “free spirit” client. He was knowledgeable about many higher tech systems, but flew by the seat of his pants in most aspects of his business. He had no project management system in place, and often relied on email to monitor his priorities. The problem was he would regularly skip reading emails as his days got busier. This was the first issue that needed to be tackled in order to create any type of organization. Having worked with at least a dozen different project management systems, I chose one that would nurture his relaxed business style, yet was user-friendly enough to manage daily tasks easily.

Next up was evaluating the systems currently in place (like the ever-erratic, last-minute product launch process) and suggesting some alternatives that would help the client immensely improve future launches. I began by laying out a detailed plan that could be easily followed, beginning at least one month prior to the launch. Then I made a point to take the reins and ensure that all team members had everything they needed in order to complete their assigned tasks. This process helped reduce any technical snafus and unclear communications. We were able to thoroughly test out all systems ahead of time, without being rushed and possibly missing key components that could hurt sales.

Due to his free-flowing style, this client also required quite a bit of daily crisis management. This ranged from handling a heated customer, to figuring out where that irreplaceable email vanished to in cyberspace, to putting together a 40-page sales letter in ten minutes. No matter what the crisis, I learned that to keep the client happy –– while maintaining my own sanity –– it was important to both ask questions and go with the flow. This method increased the client’s sense of trust in my ability to roll with the punches, regardless of what was thrown our way.

Overall I found it extremely important to demonstrate that these high-stress, and sometimes out-of-the-ordinary occurrences didn’t cause me to break a sweat. In fact, after having the pleasure of working with a unique client like this one, I’ve learned to appreciate all of my clients even more. So I look forward to the next one-of-a-kind spirit who will help me learn and grow as a successful VA.


Posted on January 14th, 2015 by Client Advocate Team

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