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Are Blogs Still Getting SEO Results?

Adding a blog to your website has been an effective, basic SEO technique for quite some time. However, there are many SEO techniques that have been targeted by Google due to their overuse to create better rankings. The good news is that blogs still are a great way to add new content to your website and attract new visitors. The bad news is that if you are using outdated SEO tactics in your blogs, it may be doing more harm than good for improving your SEO.

Good Blog Practices

The main reason blogs help SEO is due to new content that is added to your website on a regular basis. Websites that stay stagnant in content for long periods of time get crawled less by Google, reducing their chance of being ranked high on searches. Having a blog page that has new, interesting content is an excellent way to help keep your website in front of the Googlebots. Here are some tips to ensure your blog content is SEO friendly:

  • No keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is one of the first techniques that was used to improve SEO. It is also one of the practices Google penalizes now due to overuse. Long, strung together keywords can take away from the quality of your content. Let keywords happen naturally.
  • Links. Sharing links to your blog posts on social media and through organic sources is an excellent way to get exposure for your blog and website.
  • Good content. Instead of trying to only use your blog for SEO, use it to share information your customers really need. The great news is that is good content is read and shared, which will naturally get the SEO results you want.

Poor Blog Practices

If you are following the good blog practices, then you are probably not using the bad techniques that can hurt your SEO. Most of the poor techniques come from companies that are trying to artificially increase their SEO without actually providing good content through their blogs. These include buying backlinks, keyword stuffing, using inappropriate guest bloggers and inconsistent or short blogs. If the content is not worth reading or is only added for SEO purposes, then it is probably not helping your website as much as you think.

Good blog writing takes time and skill. At CVA, we understand the value of good content and keep up on the newest SEO strategies. If you need help creating interesting content for your blog or web pages, let your Virtual Assistant help you in adding content that will boost traffic to your site.

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Posted on January 22nd, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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