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Can a business reach optimal success with social media marketing in 2014? After all you only need one post for your business to go viral, right?

One of the many services we offer here at CVA is social media planning and creating social media materials.  I know firsthand that a single post can have a huge affect on a business, and the right post(s) can have a positive affect on a business long term. Knowing the rules of social media engagement gives me the tools to create custom posts for clients to help them achieve the social media success they desire.

One of my clients is a women’s empowerment coach. She caters to professional women and by teaching the art of negotiation, she empowers them to get paid what they are worth in their careers. My relationship with her began when I first took over the support desk. She’s one of our prepaid clients and has work done on an as needed basis.

Through the course of our relationship she’s requested many tasks such as creating new opt-ins, shopping cart updates, squeeze pages, graphics, and auto-responders. While this client has had a wide array of tasks, the one task that she asks for nine times out of 10 is social media posting. For this job, the client trusts us to write a month’s worth of posts for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and schedule them through Hootsuite.

To create successful and viral social media content I had to get to know the client and the client’s audience. The most crucial piece to writing successful social media posts is capturing the client’s voice. The posts must seem as if the client wrote them, but capturing the client’s exact voice is not always easy. Understanding the client and their audience aids in capturing the client’s voice successfully. When we first began working together I sent her each social media post for approval before posting and scheduling it. Doing this helped me to get a good grasp of her voice.

Relevancy is another social media success rule I follow when creating posts for clients. The posts were not only relevant to her audience, but to her content as well. When creating the posts, I was sure to connect them to one of her blog postings or her website content. Using the link back in posts is a great way to gain more followers and expand the client’s mailing list.

The outcome of successfully following the rules was an extremely happy client, a growing list, and an expanding business. Viral posts being re-tweeted and reposted several times increased her social media presence, and her followers.

We can do the same for you. Do you have great information/content that people need to know? Have you stopped using social media because you could not get a repost, a re-tweet, or grow your list? Have a VA write your social media and go viral!

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Posted on January 28th, 2015 by Client Advocate Team

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