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3 Healthy Rewards For Hard Working Employees


A 2013 survey by Aberdeen Group found that 60 percent of organizations cited employee recognition as an important tool for motivation and driving individual performance. But that same survey found that only 14 percent of companies provide management with the tools necessary to reward and recognize jobs well done.

People don’t need brand new cars or trips to Tahiti to know their bosses appreciate the work they do. The little things can be equally, if not more effective for this purpose. Rewards that consider the health and well-being of employees have lasting impacts even beyond the workplace.

Here are three ideas that will benefit workers’ individual health and the company’s bottom line.

1. Monday Masseuse

There is conflicting data as to whether Monday or Tuesday is the most stressful day of the week for workers. But a 2014 study by found that 66 percent of people surveyed experienced “Sunday Blues” due to the thought of returning to work the following day. The study also found that 20 percent of workers had faked illnesses or conjured up some other story to avoid a manic Monday.

Hiring a masseuse is a cost-effective way to let employees know you care about their states of mind and overall comfort while at work. Find recommended massage therapists in your area and schedule them to offer chair massages to your employees—it will give your team a great reason to start looking forward to the work week!

2. Hump Day Health Foods

When the clock strikes noon on Wednesday, everyone knows the week is officially half over. But Saturday is still more than 60 work hours away for most, and workers still must power through the second half of hump day. Treat employees to tasty, healthy treats that are proven to provide energy and a psychological boost when it’s needed most.

A Harvard Medical School study found that dark chocolate may be the perfect food for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Less stress on your blood vessels means less anxiety in your mind. The probiotics and Vitamin B12 in Greek yogurt make it a great snack at the office, and don’t forget the crushed almonds and/or walnuts for toppings that will provide important omega-3 fatty acids. Lastly, entice workers with tasty, semi-exotic fruit selections like fresh pineapple, mangos, and kiwis, and change up your offerings week to week.

3. Fishing Fridays

Reward your team with an outdoor adventure, and help lower their overall stress by taking them out on the open water.

Start by setting team goals at the beginning of the week. Weather-permitting, take the entire office fishing the second half of Friday if those goals are met. Most U.S. states offer group fishing permits so that each individual does not have to apply for a license. Group passes and Outdoor Card requirements vary between Canadian provinces as well. Make certain to pass all required boater safety exams for licensure if you plan to take employees out on the water as part of the Friday fishing trip.

Posted on February 27th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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