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How To Increase Success with Project Management


When working with a client as a Virtual Assistant, it can be easy to fall into a vicious cycle of emails on projects, replies, approvals, and confirmations –– particularly where multiple projects are involved. This email trap can eventually lead to confusion, mistakes and misunderstandings. Proactive project management and use of project management systems will save headaches down the road, for both the client and the VA.

For projects and assignments, email can become bogged down to the point where it becomes totally useless. With my first big client we found ourselves in the email trap, with multiple projects and deadlines, and no set goals.

With a project management system, goals can be clearly defined. Projects can created by delineating the necessary steps to reach that goal, and project tasks can be assigned and executed in the most efficient manner. As projects tasks are completed, the system gives a clear snapshot of how close we are to achieving our objectives.

Using Asana as our project management system, allowed me to empower my client. We use Asana for all types of projects, from large-scale projects to everyday tasks. Huge launches run smoother, so we have been able to spend more time on quality customer care that has directly increased revenues.

My client and I have learned the value of project management and are no longer running in circles. Her business has hit an all-time success high, and I am able to fully support her, satisfy her needs, and help her reach her goals efficiently.

Here is a basic checklist we used for creating goals with our project management system:

1.  Clearly define a goal.

2.  Create separate projects that work toward reaching the goal.

3.  Create tasks for each project in a logical fashion, assigning priorities and building on accomplishments.

4.  Set reasonable deadlines and expectations for each project task and the ultimate goal.

My client can now check on a project by logging into Asana and quickly locate what tasks have been done, and what still is in the pipeline. She doesn’t have to worry about her progress because using Asana gives her a quick, clear view of the entire process, and allows her to make changes and ask questions as needed.

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Posted on February 25th, 2015 by Client Advocate Team

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