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5 Ways to Serve Your Customers Better

Whether you are a one person show or run a large company, your customers are the life-blood of your business. In the fast-paced, technical world, the art of customer service is becoming rare, making it all the more precious when people actually receive it. If you want to make an impression on your customers, make serving them your priority. Here are five ways you can serve your customers better and increase their loyalty to your brand.

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Data Security for Business Owners: How to Keep Your Digital Assets Safe


The amount of data in the digital universe is doubling every two years, according to a report from IDC and EMC. For entrepreneurs, this information includes sensitive personal, account and business data, and it could be catastrophic if found in the wrong hands. Smart business owner know how to secure their data and keep it from unsavory eyes.

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Exploring Using Telesummit for Your Business? We Can Help!

One of the best ways to establish yourself or your business as an expert leader in your industry is to host a Telesummit. It is a great way to build your brand, gain new followers and ultimately, make more revenue. However, if you have been exploring creating a Telesummit, you also know that it can be technically challenging, as well as very time-consuming. We have the answer for your problem! Sign up for one of our fantastic Telesummit Jumpstat Packages.

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Virtual Assistant Training at CVA

Training Camp

Here at Contemporary Virtual Assistance, we are proud of our staff and strive to provide our clients with the best Virtual Assistants (VA) available. We provide rigorous training to give you the highest level of service possible. 

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Spring Cleaning Your Email Inbox

Was better management of your email inbox on your New Year’s resolution list? If it was, yet your email is still a mess, maybe it is time for some spring cleaning. If you have hundreds, even thousands, of emails stored in your inbox, it is time to clear out the old and begin some new, better email habits. Here are some tips to get your inbox under control.

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How to Safely Grow Your Home Business


As an entrepreneur, you work hard to keep your business running strong. But to keep it healthy, you need to find ways to expand it safely. Keep these tips below in mind as you grow your home business.

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