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Spring Cleaning Your Email Inbox

Was better management of your email inbox on your New Year’s resolution list? If it was, yet your email is still a mess, maybe it is time for some spring cleaning. If you have hundreds, even thousands, of emails stored in your inbox, it is time to clear out the old and begin some new, better email habits. Here are some tips to get your inbox under control.

Your Email is Not Your Calendar

The reason many people’s email is such a mess is that they use their email as a to-do list or calendar. If this sounds familiar, change this habit now. When tasks come in by email, add them to your calendar and delete. If an email needs a response, respond immediately, then delete. Emails that have pertinent information in them for a task should be saved- on your computer or cloud drive in a task folder, not in your email.

Unsubscribe to Newsletters and Notifications

How many newsletters do you receive each week through your email? A better question is how many of these do you actually read? Newsletters and notifications from social media sites can quickly fill up your inbox, causing you more work every day. Unsubscribe to any that are not useful and reduce the clutter in your inbox.

Filter Your Inbox

All email programs have a set of rules and filters that can be applied to your inbox. This is a great way to reduce the amount of actual mail in your inbox by filtering out unimportant emails into their own folders. Have friends or relatives that still like to forward funny jokes or political agendas? Filter these out so you are not distracted by them during your workday.

Use the Help of Your Virtual Assistant

Your Virtual Assistant can be a great help when it comes to cleaning up your email inbox. Set them on the task of going through your inbox, deleting emails that are obviously unneeded, then categorizing the rest for you to quickly delete or save outside of your email.

Once your email is clear of old junk, consider having your VA take over email management. They can help you use the tools available to create auto responses to emails, apply filters and organize your email as it comes in. This can ensure that only urgent, important messages that need your attention are in your inbox, saving you time throughout the work week.

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Posted on March 16th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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