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Top-Notch Customer Service Adds the “Wow Factor”


Customer service is a term that is often used, but can be overshadowed by other aspects of a business, like sales or analytics. It can be considered the “Unsung Hero” of a company. While making sales and having a profitable business are obviously vital, having consistently outstanding customer service not only ensures customers keep coming back, but also helps generate new business. In a competitive marketplace, customer satisfaction is a key differentiator.

Part of my job as a VA is to provide stellar customer service to both my client and her clients. Coordinating my client’s webinars and weekly radio show require me to interact directly with other coaches and their VA’s. When I’m interacting, I need to be sure that I am representing my client in the best way possible. That’s why I treat each person I interact with like a VIP superstar.

Sometimes teleseminars and JV events can be stressful, especially to those who are new to the industry or are hosting their first event. Being supportive and proactive can make all the difference in the outcome or overall seamlessness of the process.

For my client, I always make sure she is aware of any upcoming teleseminars or JV events well in advance by adding them to her calendar, highlighting the day in red, and then letting her know what events she will be participating in each week with a detailed overview of the week ahead. We call this her “dashboard.”

In the dashboard I add the date of the interview or event, the name of the guest or host, their headshot, their biography, the title of their interview, a link to their website, and the product they are promoting. Also I make sure that the link given to the client is trackable, so she can track her promoting success. On the day of the interview, I remind her once again with a short and sweet email.

The host of the event, or the guest my client will be interviewing gets the same support and attention. They receive a “Guest Interview Package.” It provides them with all of the details of the event; the date, time, an affiliate link to send to their mailing list and social community, my client’s special offer or sales page, pre-written social media copy, swipe copy they can use to promote the event with their list, and my client’s media kit.

They also get a reminder email the day before the event to make sure they’re ready, and to see if they have questions or need anything. If an event required my client to promote to her social media and mailing lists, I send a separate email to let them know it was done. Several times guests and hosts of events where my client participated, have personally thanked me afterward.

Even better is when the guest or host is so happy with the process and results that they recommend my client for other events, or ask to work with my client on other projects, or even give an introduction to another person in their niche. Nothing is better than when your client has new doors open for them.

From the invitation/acceptance, to gathering documentation, to the technical things on the backend, to the actual start of the event, it’s so important for me to be consistently organized ahead of the game. But it doesn’t stop there. Post-event is also significant because this is when everything gets analyzed, so the wrap-up is just as important as the first impression. This is the last thing on their minds and the first thing they’ll remember.

Remember the old saying, “Do something nice for a customer and they will tell 10 people?” Consistent, top-notch customer service is the way to get there. It will have clients saying, “Wow,” each and every time.

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Posted on March 11th, 2015 by Client Advocate Team

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