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5 Ways a VA Could Benefit Your Real Estate Career


The ups and downs of the real estate market can create extra stress in an already time consuming career. When the market is down more time is generally needed in promoting and marketing to bring your organization to the forefront of your target area. When the market is up a lot of time is needed in managing the many listings for your company.

Whether you are an individual agent or you are part of a large real estate firm, the duties are basically the same. More often than not you work on the run and spend a lot of time working from your home, your car and coffee shops, just to get it all done. Wouldn’t it be nice to hand some, or even many of those tasks to someone who can handle them as efficiently as yourself or maybe even better? That someone could be a Virtual Assistant who is experienced in the real estate field.

Here are 5 things that a VA can do that will help keep your schedule and business more manageable.

  1. Create a system that flows from start to finish. System management is key for a smooth running business. Some VA’s specialize in creating business profiles and management systems that can simplify your tasks keep your office well organized.
  1. Lead Generation. Where would you be without leads? ‘Nowhere’ is the correct answer. That is just where many businesses end up because lead requires a consistent effort and time commitment. Bring your VA into the lead generation process making phone calls to potential clients and using their email marketing skills.
  1. Marketing and Social Media. Putting your businesses message onto paper is crucial for putting material into your client’s hands they can easily give to friends and family who may need your service. Having a VA that can prepare your brochures, business cards and other tangible marketing items will save you a significant amount of valuable time. One that is experienced in social media will be of extra value because leaving your digital footprint is another valuable marketing tool.
  1. Sales Support. It is true that getting the sale closed is the ultimate reward and getting to that point takes a lot of promoting the sale, meetings being scheduled, showing properties and still more follow ups, all of which are necessary to make sure the sale doesn’t fall apart. It is also true that any business that is in sales is only as good as their follow up after the sale. Signing the papers shouldn’t be the final step. Providing that special pre and after-sale nurturing is a valuable step that a VA can assist with.
  1. Human Resources. If you have plans to grow, having a VA assist with your human resources can be an option. Ad placement, recruiting, interviewing and selecting the right candidate takes quite a bit of time. Handing some of these task off to your VA can speed up the process while freeing up your time for more vital tasks.

photo credit: MarkMoz12

Posted on May 27th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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