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Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a larger factor in growing brand awareness and accumulating new customers. Most likely you are already using social media to market your business. The question is how effective your social media marketing efforts have been in building your brand. There are definite do’s and don’ts to using social media marketing to ensure you are getting the most benefit for your efforts.

Social Media Marketing “Don’ts”

So let’s start by talking about some common mistakes that are made when using social media marketing. The problem with social media is that it does require a large time commitment and vigilance in management to be effective. Most of the “don’ts” revolve around managing your social media platforms, including:

  • Inconsistent frequency. Do you only add posts when something comes up or you have time? To be effective, you need consistent and frequent posts to keep followers engaged.
  • Too Sale-sy. Only posting mini ads for your products or services will eventually make you lose followers. You want to balance informative, fun and promotional posts.
  • Not responding to negative feedback. If you have a negative comment, do not ignore it. You need to respond in a way that addresses the issue without sounding defensive.
  • Purchasing likes or followers. Yes, you can buy likes and followers to make it look like you have a plump cache of customers. However, these can actually hurt you since these fake people are not interacting on your page. Stick to pursuing real followers.

Social Media Marketing “Do’s”

So what can you do to make your social media marketing effective? First, follow the don’ts and do the opposite. In addition, here are some tips to making your social media marketing work harder for your business:

  • Make it personal. Respond with real answers and give interesting facts to your followers. Be as personal and direct as you can.
  • Mix it up. Try different techniques to connect with your customers. Share quotes, facts, jokes, images, videos and any other ideas you come up with. The trick is to never be boring!
  • Consistent management. You need to manage you accounts, keeping an eye on what is eliciting responses and what feedback you are receiving. Delegate management of your social media accounts to your Virtual Assistant to ensure you always have someone monitoring your marketing.

Social media can have a large and cost effective benefit to building your business. At CVA we offer Social Media Marketing Jumpstart packages for those needing help establishing their social media platforms and have ongoing management available through our Virtual Assistants. Let us know how we can help you make the most of your social media marketing strategy.

photo credit: mkhmarketing

Posted on May 11th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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