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How to Build a Strong Relationship With Your VA

You’ve decided to join the ranks of many businesses today that choose to outsource part of their business tasks to a Virtual Assistant. You may feel a bit nervous about this new virtual relationship. You did your research and were thorough about checking references and past work history, everything should be fine. It isn’t unusual to have hesitations when trying something new.

What might put some of that uneasiness to rest would be realizing that working with a VA should be the same as working with an employee or any other team member in your organization. By setting the criteria in advance of what is expected, such as how it should be done, time frames that need to be adhered to and other specifics can help reduce any disquiet you might feel

Here are some suggestions that you may want to talk about during the pre-hiring stage that can promote a good working relationship and help to eliminate frustration down the road.


First establish how the communication will take place, be it via e-mail, phone, or text and how often communication is necessary. You may have a tendency to want to check in with them to often creating a frustrating scenario and on the other hand too little communication could spell disaster as well. So the key would be to find that just right area where both parties will feel comfortable.

Clear Expectations

Second providing a clear directive and what the expectations will be is crucial to having a finished project that meets your approval. Just as you would do with your employee defining all aspects of the project from start to finish including the amount of time you feel is required to finish the project will keep your VA on track. Don’t set your expectations so high that they may not be deliverable or it could set the project up for failure.

Acknowledge Value

Thirdly it is important to make your VA part of the team. Nurturing a good team environment is important to the overall health of your organization and fosters a strong work environment. Recognizing the importance of the VA’s role in your organization and nurturing that relationship will build the foundation you’re striving to achieve.

Now that you’re armed with a few things that will make the transition go more smoothly when handing some of those important tasks over to a VA, it might just be the right time to relax and enjoy the extra time it will allow you to focus on other things.

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Posted on May 19th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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