Delegate, Focus, and GROW Your Business

Want a Clean Desk at the End of the Day?

It’s 5:30 and the next thing on your calendar is your kid’s ball game, but the stack of work on your desk is letting you know that you’ll probably miss another family date. It might be time to consider options that will help get the work done and you out the door on time. Being able to leave the office with a feeling of accomplishment instead of dread for the next morning will help to relieve stress and burn out. You’ll actually become more efficient and more productive.

Delegation Is the Key

One option that can help you get caught up and clear your desk quickly would be to delegate some of those tasks that are piling up to a Virtual Assistant. Firms and entrepreneurs are using VA’s to handle a wide variety of tasks that can be business related as well as personal in nature. Before you begin your search, it would be wise to assess your needs so your search can be targeted to just the right skill level and expertise in the area that will meet your needs.

The Virtual Assistant industry is continually growing and finding the perfect match for your business should not be difficult. Some virtual assistants are individual freelancers and work on a contract basis, and others work through a company that matches their expertise to other businesses that are looking for a particular service. Either choice can quickly give you a solution that can ultimately relieve stress and clear your desk. Rather than being another expense, A VA has the potential of adding to your bottom line.

Shorten Your To-do List

Many executives cut hours from their work load by using Virtual Assistants to help with tasks that are personal in nature as well as administrative. Personal VA’s can manage your schedule so birthday cards or flowers are sent, you are reminded to pick up your suits from the cleaners or order dinner on the way home. Business related tasks could include; bookkeeping, data entry, data presentations, scheduling appointments, updating social media, providing web site design or updates, assisting in sales follow ups, managing emails or doing research for your next project.

It’s true that time is likely the most valuable asset we have. Shortening your to-do list by contracting with a skilled VA can actually put more time into your day and allow you more time out of the office.

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Posted on May 29th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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