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Insightly for Your CRM – Setup Is the Key

In this ever-increasingly impersonal world, small business owners have an affordable, helping hand to reach out to clients with Insightly, a Customer Relationship Management program. You can maintain and improve customer interactions by organizing, automating and synchronizing many facets of your business. Without a solid CRM, small businesses can’t truly thrive. Insightly is one of many choices for a CRM.

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Want to Make Informed Decisions? Let Your VA Do the Research

With today’s technology ever changing and advancing at what seems to be the speed of light, keeping up with the latest and greatest can be challenging, even for the most tech savvy. The biggest part of the challenge is simply committing the time to do the research needed in order to make an informed decision. So how does the average business survive this evolving door of techno mania without falling into the abyss of out dated and underperforming software and services? This is the perfect assignment for your Virtual Assistant.

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Managing Freelance Staff: Making the Most of Collaboration

Top view of young woman working at her desk with laptop and documents. Business woman working at desk in office.

Top view of young woman working at her desk with laptop and documents. Business woman working at desk in office.

Freelancing is a prominent facet in the post-recession economy. According to the Freelancer’s Union, one third of the U.S. workforce freelances its services. That’s 53 million people with skills to sell without being hired and put on payroll.

Using technologies that tie them to their clients, even temporarily, these freelancers can be the way for small businesses to get temporary help as often as needed.

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Client Advocate Benefits a Client


Do you see the term “Client Advocate” on the CVA website and wonder exactly what is a client advocate? A Client Advocate (CA) is an important member of the CVA team. They work with clients, virtual assistants and management to ensure that things are working smoothly.

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Feeling Overwhelmed? Get a VA You Can Trust


When you set out to hire a Virtual Assistant you want someone dependable and someone you can trust. After all your business is your masterpiece, your baby so to speak, and you won’t trust it to just anyone. You definitely don’t want to create more work for an already hectic schedule, having to follow up to make sure that things are getting done.

My client is a dating and relationship coach, he loves to create and share the love. What he hates is the tech side of things. He doesn’t know much about it, so he gets quickly overwhelmed. That’s exactly when a VA becomes a vital asset.

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Dropbox vs. Pros and Cons

As a small business owner, you might be at a prospective client’s and realize you left that other critical document on your flash drive back at the office. That’s where remote storage systems like Dropbox and Box come in handy. But if you’re like most solopreneurs, cloud storage may leave you feeling a bit, well, cloudy on the whole issue! Both providers offer the three S’s: storage, syncing and sharing, but there are some differences you need to explore.

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