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Client Advocate Benefits a Client


Do you see the term “Client Advocate” on the CVA website and wonder exactly what is a client advocate? A Client Advocate (CA) is an important member of the CVA team. They work with clients, virtual assistants and management to ensure that things are working smoothly.

Now that you know what a Client Advocate is, do you wonder how a Client Advocate benefits your business? This is a free service offered by CVA that can help you in several ways:

Be Your Voice: There are times when you’re working with a virtual assistant that things can be miscommunicated or errors can be made. But when this happens you can turn to the Client Advocates team, they are there to be your voice at CVA. Your CA can help investigate issues, resolve them and help the VA takes steps to ensure the same mistakes do not happen again.

Strategy Sessions: Holding a strategy session with your virtual assistant really helps your business. But, there are times that you need another option, or additional input. There’s nothing a Client Advocate loves more than having a strategy session with a client, to help them create a road map to their vision.

Suggest New Ideas: CVA virtual assistants can handle a wide array of tasks and functions, and as a client you may not realize all the things they can do for you. Once you’ve moved through your to-do list and your high-priority items have been addressed, you may wonder how else your VA can assist you. Meeting with a client advocate and creating a plan can help you to realize greater potential in your VA relationship. Your CA can suggest things like a customized social media plan, doing additional research on new areas of interest, or taking tasks off your current work-load to give you additional free time.

CVA offers the Client Advocates’ services free of charge, as a way to ensure our clients are satisfied, and to help to move their businesses forward. This is just another benefit to using CVA for your virtual assistant needs!

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Posted on June 17th, 2015 by Client Advocate Team

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