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Feeling Overwhelmed? Get a VA You Can Trust


When you set out to hire a Virtual Assistant you want someone dependable and someone you can trust. After all your business is your masterpiece, your baby so to speak, and you won’t trust it to just anyone. You definitely don’t want to create more work for an already hectic schedule, having to follow up to make sure that things are getting done.

My client is a dating and relationship coach, he loves to create and share the love. What he hates is the tech side of things. He doesn’t know much about it, so he gets quickly overwhelmed. That’s exactly when a VA becomes a vital asset.

When we first started working together, his systems were scattered. He had multiple people working on different projects using multiple, and redundant, systems.  He had contacts in both Infusionsoft and Aweber, and multiple products were also being sold through Clickbank, Infusionsoft and Stripe.  After analyzing and discussing the situation, we combined all the products into Infusionsoft. Now he can actually nurture and segment his clients, and offer them products they actually need.

At first he was very reluctant to make changes, but as we got organized the trust began to build. It’s an ongoing process, but he now sees the benefits of moving contacts and products to one system instead using of five.  The benefits are the products are easier for his clients to find, and we’re able to stay on top of websites issues and updates. We’ve moved away from using multiple companies to work on his website, after more than once being disappointed by the lack of service. We’ve also set up a project management system using Asana, to keep better track of tasks so nothing falls through the cracks.

Also I give input on his ideas and let him know if something is doable or, if there’s an easier way to accomplish what he wants.  He didn’t feel he needed to use social media. So I created a plan for him on how to get started, and explained how we could grow his following, his list, and his client base. He’s now agreed to start using social media on a regular basis.  Because of that advice he’s come to value my opinion and treats me more like an integral part of his business, instead of regarding me as merely a VA.

The key thing through the entire process has been communication. We’ve built a very good relationship and we communicate well together. We have regular Skype meetings and communicate often by email. I set up a Google doc on each of our calls and share it with my client, so we can both add ideas to the document. I then set the tasks up as projects in Asana.

He loves the fact that he’s now free to focus on creating new products, while I take care of all the bits and pieces that make his ideas happen. He likes to call me his brain. He knows I will figure out a way to get things done, and that I will be there when he needs me.

My client recently went on a month-long honeymoon overseas, and didn’t worry about his business because he trusted that I had things handled. It’s a very good feeling to see something come from all your hard work and to know that you are a valuable part of your client’s success.

Photo Credit:  @Jessica Peterson Tetra images

Posted on June 17th, 2015 by Client Advocate Team

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