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How To Be Your Own Boss – Flying By the Seat of Your Pants

My client operates his business not only so he can pursue his passion, but also so he can be his own boss. He loves the freedom of being beholden to only his clients, customers or readers. The problem is, to be your own boss, you’re often also the only employee. And sometimes it’s hard to get everything done –– that’s where I come in.

My client is passionate about aviation, and helping others achieve their dreams of learning to fly. When we first started working together, he’d taken on the daunting task of collecting aviation-related scholarships into one resource. At the same time he was trying to put out a podcast, participate in social media, work his day job, and maintain a relationship with his wife. He found you need help to be your own boss.

One of the first things I did was set up a project management system and show him how to use it. He could add projects he wanted done, and we could work together to prioritize and accomplish them. From there I began taking tasks off his plate, and within just a couple of months, was able to quadruple the number of scholarships offered on his site.

Next, I began to help with his podcast. He needed to record the content, of course, since it was his ideas and work. But he didn’t need to edit the podcasts, write show notes, or post them to his site. By taking on these tasks, plus writing and sending out his newsletter, I helped free up time for him to begin to write and provide individual career coaching for aspiring pilots. After a few more months my client was confident enough to buy another podcast, since he knew he could hand over many of tasks for that show to me.

Over time I’ve helped him turn his scholarship website (which now has over 100 entries valued at nearly $1 million) into an e-book, available on multiple platforms in online stores worldwide. I also maintain a list of the scholarships with values, dates of audit for accuracy, and what has and has not been published in the book.

By having a phone meeting once a month, and communicating via email almost every day, we’ve built a successful and trusting working relationship. We’ve also streamlined his business processes to free up time and save money. My client is now able to expand his offerings and increase sales. Being a VA isn’t just be about being an assistant, it’s about being a partner in the client’s business and helping it grow.

Photo credit: Shot from inside the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

Posted on June 3rd, 2015 by Client Advocate Team

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