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Insightly for Your CRM – Setup Is the Key

In this ever-increasingly impersonal world, small business owners have an affordable, helping hand to reach out to clients with Insightly, a Customer Relationship Management program. You can maintain and improve customer interactions by organizing, automating and synchronizing many facets of your business. Without a solid CRM, small businesses can’t truly thrive. Insightly is one of many choices for a CRM.

Getting Organized

Insightly helps you organize customer and vendor information all in one place. Improve your efficiency, increase sales, track customer email, and clean up your computer clutter with this CRM. You can input relationship information, restructure your lead management process, and produce a sales pipeline to track new opportunities through its various development stages. With only a few keystrokes small business owners can add new users, create user permissions and set up work teams. Also, it offers integration with Google apps, other popular software and cloud storage.

Set Up is Key

With any system administration, set up is the key to a strong foundation. Insightly makes getting started simple. First of all, figure out what data you want stored. Next, compile that data into one spreadsheet, eliminating duplicates and deleting useless information so that when you import it the spreadsheet will be as clean as possible. Import directly to Excel or Gmail.

For easy retrieval, think about how you want to categorize the information. With Insightly, custom filters let you sort through data by criteria that you select. You can even combine multiple criteria into one filter, save filters for easy recall later, and share filters with other users. Customizing fields, like parts numbers, lets you keep data that you want stored when it doesn’t happen to fit neatly into one of Insightly’s existing fields.

These days most customer interactions happen via email so track your email as well as customer calls and meetings. Its activity sets automate any repetitive tasks your business requires. Check out Insightly’s 10 step guide online for setting up your small business. Still not sure how to get started? Talk with a Virtual Assistant about customer relations to save yourself time and money.

Safe and Secure

Rest easy knowing your data is secure with Insightly’s top-rated SSL encryption. In the event of a disaster, Insightly databases are backed up daily and stored at numerous off-site locations.

With various price plans suitable to fit any budget, be sure to explore this powerful CRM for your small business.

photo credit: roberthuffstutter

Posted on June 29th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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