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7 of the Newest Books on Productivity


According to a quote from writer Franz Kafka, “Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” Virtual Assistants are indispensable when it comes to freeing up time to do those things you haven’t been able to do. However, you still need to make sure that you are being productive. To enhance productivity, check out these current books on the subject:

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Work-Life Balance for Business Owners

Congratulations on owning your own business. You are no doubt working hard to make your business a thriving success. That means you are spending a lot of hours tending to all aspects of your enterprise. Like anything worthwhile, it takes time and attention to grow a healthy business. Now, ask yourself, are you sacrificing other areas of your life in the process?

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Organize the Files on Your Computer and Save Time

Just like the traditional file cabinet, your computer needs to have organized files in order to be able to find important information quickly. As a business owner, searching for client or product files among thousands of documents is a time thief.

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3 New Ways to Make the Remote Workplace Work


According to Inc., nearly 35 percent of the workforce is classified as freelancers. As this statistic continues to rise, companies are busy working to adapt to the challenges of working with remote employees. But it doesn’t have to be challenging; here are three ways to make the remote workplace work.

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CVA – A Virtual One Stop Shop


At CVA, we work hard to provide our clients with everything they need in a virtual assistant. We have skilled team members in a variety of support fields, and we believe in helping clients grow their businesses. All this makes us a virtual assistant “one stop shop.”

Last summer we had a client sign on for one of our Telesummit Packages. It wasn’t the first year they hosted a summit, but it was their first year doing it with CVA. Needless to say they were thrilled with how we handled things, and they signed on as a retainer client. But the saga doesn’t end there.

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Instagram – Should Your Business Be Using It?

These days every teenager is using Instagram to capture life’s moments. But as a small business owner, you can harness the power of this social media to increase your customer base. It’s easy to get started by following the steps on Instagram’s webpage where there’s a whole section devoted to businesses.

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