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5 Top Traits of a Superstar VA

Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) is practically a must in today’s fast paced environment. Whether you are a business person, artist, doctor or entrepreneur chances are you could benefit from the support a VA provides. Virtual Assistants can free up valuable time for you to enjoy other things in life. In addition to assisting you with daily tasks, they help you stay on track for reaching your business objectives. Here are five traits that a Superstar VA will possess.

Excellent Communication Skills

The writer Robert McClosky is quoted as saying, “I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.” Excellent communication skills are crucial in a Superstar VA. Although writing and speaking well are critical to the position, sought after VAs know how to listen and ask questions. They seek clarification when needed. They keep the stream of communication between you and clients smooth.


This category covers a lot of ground. Being professional includes punctuality, courtesy, correct business etiquette, conflict resolution skills, confidentiality and appearance. VAs are privy to sensitive information. You want privacy respected. Many VAs work from home. If you have a video conference with your VA and a client, you don’t want a messy room in the background, or worse yet, a VA in pajamas with bedhead showing up on screen. At CVA, our Superstar VA group are always professional.


Your VA will be billing you for time spent working. You need to be able to trust that time billed is actually time spent working for you. You need to trust that assignments will be completed in the agreed upon time. Honesty is also expected when mistakes are made. Owning up to one’s mistakes, learning from them and rectifying them shows a high level of integrity. At CVA, we are meticulous about only hiring honest and trustworthy Superstar VAs.


A Superstar VA is going to be a well-organized person. The VA is there to help you keep your business flowing smoothly. Your virtual assistant needs to access information readily. You need to receive information, documents and resources in an orderly manner.


The ability to constantly look for ways to improve oneself and one’s work is a mark of dedication. You want a VA with whom you can develop a smooth working relationship and someone who can catch your vision of what you are working to achieve. It’s a fact that your VA may have other clients. The point is, when you’re in communication with your VA, you are made to feel as though you are the only client. Our Superstar VAs will make you feel like you are the top priority, even when they have plenty of other work on their plate.

A Superstar VA is one of the best things for you and your business. At CVA, we are proud to have an excellent Superstar team that can meet all your Virtual Assistant needs.

photo credit: Neal.

Posted on July 6th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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