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business-process-improvementWhen speaking with my clients here at CVA, I often hear of so many amazing ideas that they’re either working on or wish to be working on. They have such creative minds! And while that is a terrific trait to possess, bringing these ideas to life can become overwhelming if the correct processes are not in place. One of my favorite things to help clients with is getting on track to share their passion with the world.

While my clients churn out great idea after great idea, I help put things in motion. My client’s goal is to produce amazing products, offers, and opportunities for his/her customers. My goal is to ensure that each step is carefully thought out, planned, and executed.

In order to “make the magic happen,” I take time to listen to what my client wants to achieve. I make notes, brainstorm ideas, ask questions, and ensure I fully understand their vision. Once done with that initial conversation, I am off to piece it all together. I accomplished this for one client by putting together a comprehensive Infusionsoft campaign.  The finished campaign gave the client a fully automated sales system for new clients, and a nurturing system to keep them coming back.

The client had three new products she wanted to introduce online. I reviewed the products and together we created multiple emails that included sales pitches, promotional communications, tips and advice, and follow up correspondence. Then I designed custom Infusionsoft campaigns around those emails that took her customers from the initial product introduction, all the way through post-purchase follow up several months later. Each campaign took customers on a journey specific to their individual needs, so they would only receive emails relevant to them and/or their purchases. Behind the scenes, these campaigns also tagged and organized her previous customers in addition to all the new ones.

In the end, the client was able to sit back and relax knowing that her new processes were doing the work for her, giving her more time to create new products. With projects like this, I am able to provide service and value to each and every one of my clients. Together, we use our time to its fullest potential and integrated processes allow us to “set it and forget it.”   As they say, “Time is money!”

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Posted on July 1st, 2015 by Client Advocate Team

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