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Organize the Files on Your Computer and Save Time

Just like the traditional file cabinet, your computer needs to have organized files in order to be able to find important information quickly. As a business owner, searching for client or product files among thousands of documents is a time thief.


When you opened that file cabinet you saw manila folders. In the same way your computer should have folders. And those folders need to be in the right place and labeled correctly. Don’t make the mistake of creating one gigantic folder for all your files. Work smarter not harder; the few minutes it takes you to set up your folders will save time in the long run.

Categories Please

One effective way to organize your computer files and folders is by category. For example, create one folder for local clients, another for out of state customers and yet a third for international customers. Now use the same strategy for your products, perhaps separating those folders by specific products or services you offer. If you’re not computer proficient consider hiring a Virtual Assistant who is.

Subfolders to Organize Files

Using subfolders is a necessity to organizing your files but don’t go overboard. Efficient use of subfolders looks like this: create a folder called Products in My Documents, and two subfolders titled Widgets under $100 and Widgets over $100 in the Products folder. Pay attention to how many subfolders you set up because it can be frustrating to open subfolder after subfolder.

Use Caution When Organizing by Date

Organizing your files by date isn’t that helpful because you’ll have to open the file to see what’s inside. You’ll be pulling your hair out the first time you perform a file search. This method is useless if you arranged your folders this way and have all types of files intermixed with each other. For time sensitive files or documents that you update frequently, like customer lists, be sure to add a clear description before or after the date.

Organizing by Type

Organizing your files by type (Word, Excel) is also not best practice. Use this system for mass organizing files you don’t really need. Otherwise, it’ll be “clean up on aisle 5” later, stealing your valuable time.

Whatever method you use, start now. Over time, you‘ll be able to expand your folders in a way that works best for you.

photo credit: redjar

Posted on July 20th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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