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Customer Service – What it REALLY Means to Serve Your Customers

Think back to the last time you walked into a business. Can you remember how long it took for an employee to acknowledge you? It doesn’t have to be anything over the top; a simple “hello” is more than enough. But do you realize how (and if) you’re greeted will determine your experience?

Whenever we walk into a business (and this can be a physical business or online one) we want a specific result: an experience. If you were to go to a hardware store to buy a drill, you are not there for the drill. You’re there because you need a hole somewhere: The drill is a tool to make it happen.

You’ve done your research and know what kind of drill you want. Will it provide you with the experience you are looking for – a hole placed where it needs to be? If so, that (in its purest form) is great customer service. The company created the best tool for the application and provided it to you to buy.

What happens when you run an online business? How do you provide your customers with the best possible experience? Over delivering is by far the best way to keep your customers coming back. As you offer the best customer service above and beyond, you give them an experience to remember.

Adding Customer Service Value with a Virtual Assistant

One way to create a memorable experience is by following up with them after their purchase. This is where one of our Virtual Assistants from CVA can help sky-rocket your business.

Think about this; you purchased a widget from Business X that solves a problem. It may not have been the best option, but you liked your first impression. (Online your website or social media page is your customer greeting – creating a first impression.)

You’re happy with the purchase. The next day you receive a follow-up (email or phone call). This follow-up is meant to do one thing: to show you Business X is thinking about you.

Often we buy something and go along with our lives after the sale. But, how would you feel if you received a follow-up the next day just as reminder that “We are here for you when you need us.”

The next time you are looking to add value to your customers, develop a follow-up system using a VA. Not only will this add value, but it will put your business top-of-mind. And this is where every business wants to be.

photo credit: jeffdjevdet

Posted on August 21st, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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