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It’s All In The Attitude

Challenges are a daily part of the job as a virtual Assistant. Clients give impossible tasks, with quick turnaround times, and want them perfect. One client requested a huge task; create a five-day program with emails, web pages, videos and recordings to be completed in one day.  My job became seeing the challenge and the puzzle that it created, and figuring out how to piece it together to make both my client and myself happy. Seem easy? It can be, with the right attitude.

I knew this was a big project, and I knew that the client had unrealistic expectations. So I simply told him I would try, but made no promises. Setting expectations for both the client and yourself allows for a successful and strong relationship. Because at the end of the day, building a relationship with your client is what makes a good virtual assistant great –– and makes a great virtual assistant irreplaceable.

While skill is always involved, it’s my attitude and outlook that ultimately decides success or failure.  My motto is, “I’ll figure it out.”  For this task, I knew I needed to reach out to other team members and use their skills, as well as my own, to accomplish the impossible.  We pulled together as a team, dividing the tasks and conquering them as we went along the way.  I created products and emails in Infusionsoft, while my teammate worked on Word Press webpages.  This was a special case where all the stars aligned,  people were able to help, and there were no technical difficulties (that never happens, right?). And because we’re used to working in teams at CVA, the project went smoothly.

Constant communication and resetting of expectations is an important part of the trust, understanding, and success of any team. Communication between myself and the client, and between myself and my teammate, allowed us to complete each piece of the puzzle correctly and on time.

Looking at “problems” with a fresh view and seeing it as a challenge or puzzle can make a difference between success and failure. Ultimately with teamwork, dedication, and communication we were able to pull off the impossible, and the client was thrilled with the outcome.

Attitude will ultimately decide your success, your happiness and your contentment.  For a virtual assistant, viewing each project as a challenge or puzzle, allows for creative thinking, adjusting and accomplishing a remarkable end result.

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Posted on August 26th, 2015 by Client Advocate Team

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