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Managing the Ebbs and Flows of Growing Your Business

One of the hardest aspects to manage when trying to grow your business is success! For months, even years, you are constantly marketing and promoting your business, only seeing minor growth. Then one day, it all pays off. The phone begins to ring, your email is full of hot leads and you have more work than you can handle. Now you need help, fast, or you risk losing these new clients you worked so hard to gain. You can hire employees, but what if business ebbs off again?

Managing the ebbs and flows of business growth is difficult. It is a typical catch 22. If you hire people too quickly, you may be over-stretching you budget if the workflow decreases. If you don’t get enough help, you could lose customers and potential future revenue. So how do you meet the higher demand and still stay within your operating budget? You hire a Virtual Assistant.

With a Virtual Assistant, you get a highly trained professional that is ready to help you when business picks up, but can be scaled back in hours when business slows down. With business growth, there is almost always peaks and valleys as your overall numbers rise. To ride this volatile wave of success, a VA is exactly what you need. Some of the benefits of using a VA include:

  • Minimal training. At CVA, our Virtual Assistants are highly trained professionals that need minimal instruction or training. Just give them the perimeters of the task and let them do their job.
  • Need a VA twenty hours one week and not at all the next? Where employees generally need a set amount of hours to keep them from seeking other work, you can use your VA as much or as little as you need. You can use a VA without a long-term commitment, helping you manage your budget and growth.
  • As a small business owner, you need someone that can take over some of the many tasks that you manage when business increases. Our VAs are multi-faceted, with many resources they can pull from within our team of experts, so they can handle almost anything you send their way.

A VA is a great way to manage short bursts of business growth. Even once you hire more employees as your growth continues, a VA is still useful to help cover vacations, sick days and seasonal busy times. To learn more about what a VA could do for your business, contact our team today.

photo credit: Tay.Freder

Posted on August 31st, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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