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Why Business Plans Are a Waste of Time – And Why You Better Be Able To Draw It on a Napkin

Arguably, business plans can be the driving force for a new business. But how in-depth do they need to be to decide whether to move forward? The answer to this question can be two-fold.

First train of thought: Today is no different than any other. You wake up with your mind racing, but today you have something – an idea – sitting on the tip of your tongue. You’ve found a problem that needs to be solved and your subconscious mind has been hard at work looking for the solution. And today you are on the verge of letting it come out.

But your mind has a tendency to play tricks on you. It wants to protect you by throwing out every obstacle it can conjure up.

Will I get the financing?

Will I have any customers? If so how do I find them?

How will I create my product?

The list goes on.

So, like so many other business minds, you sit down and write up a twenty page business plan. Maybe it’s to present to the bank or other investors/mentors. Either way, the next thing you know two months have passed and you are nowhere closer to realizing your dream.

Time passes along with that initial excitement. The next thing you know the world has to move on with this unsolved problem. Deep down you know thousands of lives will go unaffected because your idea never made it past the idea stage.

Second train of thought: You grab a napkin and a pen and sit down to write out your business plan. Though this may sound too simple to be effective, but take a step back and think about it for a second.

If you can streamline your idea to the point where it fits on a napkin, then you can see early on if your idea can develop into a business. The limited space means you keep out the clutter and focus on the bare-bones of the business idea. It’s not until you start over analyzing everything does your dream start to slip out of your hands.

Once you have the idea on your napkin, you will see how and what to delegate. This is where your Virtual Assistant can become a priceless piece of your pie. As you delegate, new opportunities will come to you as you focus on other aspects of the business idea.

The key to any successful business is to know and when to use all available resources.

photo credit: inkdroid

Posted on August 24th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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