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Successful Last Minute Launches



Sometimes my clients have last minute ideas in the middle of the night that have the potential to propel their business forward. Being a CVA Team Leader, I enjoy taking on challenges. So when I logged into my email for the day, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new, fun little launch for a free mastermind call. My client has also been looking new branding colors, so she was really excited to try out a new color palette as well. When this client gets an idea she likes to move fast, and I love bringing her ideas to life. We only had a few days, so it was time for me to get started.

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5 Top Virtual Assistant Specialties

Many people are now turning to Virtual Assistants (VAs) to cut down on overhead expenses. A qualified VA can meet your specific needs, save you money in the long run and help you out when those unexpected moments arrive. Some VAs prefer to work in a niche areas while others like to generalize for variety. Here are five of the top specialties in which you will find proficient Virtual Assistants.

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Has Back-to-School Time Left Your Shorthanded?

It happens every summer and fall in businesses all across the country. Schools and colleges unleash young people looking to make some money over the summer, or maybe complete an internship to further their future career. Whether you have offspring that help with your business during the summer months or hire these young people on summer break, the fun comes to an end in September. Suddenly, you are left shorthanded as your helpers collect their last checks and head back to school. So now what should you do? How about hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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A Case Study – The True Art of Delegation

In a previous post (The True Art of Delegation) you learned the importance of entrepreneurial delegation. This isn’t for the entrepreneur only, but it should be a rule of thumb for the lone business person. Today we are going to see a real-life example of how delegating to a Virtual Assistant can bring you success.

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The True Art of Delegation

Owning a business is hard! The high risk to reward ratio keeps most people on the outside looking in at entrepreneurship. They tend to avoid going out of their comfort zones. They tread the waters of safety and security, and that’s okay. But there is a well kept secret. It’s one of the best business practices to use and your most valuable tool – a Virtual Assistant.

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Social Media Marketing Update for 2015

One of the fastest changing aspects of business marketing is the digital realm, especially social media. What worked great just a year ago is now outdated and there are better strategies for reaching target audiences through the different social media channels. If you have been wondering what other businesses are doing in 2015 for social media marketing and what is working for them, the Social Media Examiner did the leg work. They surveyed 3,700 marketers on how they were using social media marketing and put together a full report of their findings. Here are some of the key findings.

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