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5 Top Virtual Assistant Specialties

Many people are now turning to Virtual Assistants (VAs) to cut down on overhead expenses. A qualified VA can meet your specific needs, save you money in the long run and help you out when those unexpected moments arrive. Some VAs prefer to work in a niche areas while others like to generalize for variety. Here are five of the top specialties in which you will find proficient Virtual Assistants.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants (REVA)

This is one of the most popular specialties in the VA profession. REVAs do just about anything in your real estate business that can be handled online. When you need listings updated, your social media pages managed or virtual tours to be uploaded, all this can be done by a multitalented Virtual Assistant. From market research to the endless forms that need to be filled out to showings to schedule, your REVA can do this and a lot more.

Legal/Paralegal VA

For the small law office hiring a legal or paralegal Virtual Assistant may be the best move you ever made. You can kiss all those pesky time eaters good bye and get to the heart of your practice. No longer will you need to be bothered with billing, research, filing forms and other such tasks. Legal/paralegal VAs are well versed in all the requirements necessary to keep a law well-organized.

Internet Research

This is another very popular niche for VAs. For anyone who needs research done, whether for papers, books, projects or business, VAs specializing in research can save you hours. While it is true that VAs in the various industries will do research, there are those who have internet research as their main focus. These Virtual Assistants are quite skilled in understanding how to efficiently find any information that you are looking for.

Author Assistants, Coach and Speaker VAs

A lot of work goes into finding the background information for books; life coaches need to spend time on coaching people, not on office work and it is the same for speakers. What the Virtual Assistant does for those in these professions is free them up to actually spend more time doing what they do best.

Daycare Centers

You may ask what a VA can do for a daycare center and the answer is, more than you realize. It costs a lot in money and time to run a daycare center. Many of the smaller providers end up doing all the work alone. VAs dedicated to daycare centers help carry the load by providing all the record keeping, making information sheets for parents, doing the billing and a host of other duties.

Niche VAs are becoming more popular as both clients and assistants become aware of the advantages of specializing. Overall, most VAs do the same types of work, however those who specialize in a particular area have dedicated themselves to learning and providing the best assistance in the ways those unique areas demand.

photo credit: whologwhy

Posted on September 28th, 2015 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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